topics 2017/5/22

SGH Talk #1

All the first year students listened to their first SGH Talk on May 22nd.
The lecturer was Ms. Miku Kamimura who is a researcher at the Institute of Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies at Sophia University. Ms. Kamimura also teaches Cambodian (Khmer) language at J. F. Oberlin University and she talked about the international contribution to peace in Cambodia as a specialist.

Ms. Kamimura spent some time with the students who are going to visit Cambodia for their Study Tour this summer as well as with the returnees of from last year’s tour, and gave a lot of advice.

5月22日(月)に、1年次対象の第1回SGH講演会が行われました。講師は上智大学アジア文化研究所共同研究所員で、桜美林大学のカンボジア語非常勤講師もされている上村 未来(かみむら みく)先生で、ご専門のカンボジアでの事例を通じ、国際平和貢献という観点から講演をしていただきました。